Hands Off My Newsrack


I read your paper every week and eagerly await the new issue each Friday.

I was disheartened to read about the overblown regulations the Town wants to place on newspaper boxes/newsracks. While rules and restrictions are appropriate to prevent unsafe conditions and unsightliness, regulations run amok are a blight on the “red tape” world we live in now.

Having relocated to Fort Myers Beach from a small Caribbean island that was often accused of being unfriendly to business, I can attest to the detrimental effects of overregulation in a highly competitive environment for the tourist dollar. Over regulation, unnecessary fees, and an unfriendly business environment result in local businesses closing, discouraging new businesses from opening and less choice for the locals who remain long after the tourists are gone.

Local government should facilitate the ongoing success of area businesses. It should help create an environment that aids and promotes, not stick it’s nose into areas that do not need addressing and/or not causing problems. In addressing an issue that doesn’t exist, the council is needlessly wasting taxpayers time and money that would clearly be better focused elsewhere.

Finally, if the council does ultimately enact this ordinance (to save us from these pesky newsracks), I would suggest that The Island Sand Paper distribute through the local businesses that advertise within the paper. This would eliminate the newsracks (read: fees) and encourage customers to visit the patrons and establishments that are found in the paper. A win win for all.


Bob Carlin
Fort Myers Beach