Growing Concern


As a concerned and caring citizen of our wonderful little island, I have watched the controversy over the proposed development with growing concern. I am not concerned about the development, but rather about the need so many people seem to feel to be “for” or “against” the proposal, and mostly against.

First, this is a proposal, not a “done deal.” Nothing has been signed. Nothing is set in stone. I see no indication that our Town Council is ready to sign any final commitment of any type at this point. Let the Council do its job! This Council has shown a great willingness to listen to its citizens, and I know that will continue.

Second, from all I can see, Mr. Torgerson is clearly agreeable to listen, modify, adapt and change. Of course he is a businessman, and of course, he wants to make a profit, but I have no sense that he wants to be an enemy of the Town where he lives! A great deal of the area he would like to develop is an eyesore as it is. Let’s exchange ideas and thoughts in a reasonable way. Certainly most of us understand that the plan as originally presented has some flaws, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath!

Third, change is inevitable. It would be lovely to think we could continue to be a small town, an idyllic island where nothing changes, but that simply is not reality. Doesn’t it make sense for us to have input into that inevitable change? We have been given that opportunity, but going into attack mode, which many have done, certainly doesn’t give us much chance to participate in the change.

Let’s stop being full of rancor, settle down, listen, talk with our heads as well as our hearts, and work with what seems to me to be a wonderful opportunity for growth in our little piece of paradise!

Miffie Greer

Fort Myers Beach