Great Work Summarizing 2016 for Fort Myers Beach


I have a suggestion for you for 2017:

Not enough information regarding Bay Oaks Recreational Center, which is a Jewel in Paradise that most communities do not have.

There has been all kinds of activities at the center which is open to the public: ie: dancing instruction, volleyball teams and pick up basketball.

At one time there was a softball league. Anyone who wanted to play just signed up and was randomly assigned to a team. The problem was that most of the players were 18-38.

Seniors wishing to play could get killed playing on those teams, so five years ago I petitioned for a Senior Co-ed softball league.

The problem was there were not enough senior teams, if any, in surrounding communities. So the 20 men and 4 women who showed up every Thursday at 10 a.m. decided that we would just play amongst ourselves.

They decided one day a week wasn’t enough so they added Tuesdays. This is so popular that as long as there are seniors, 50 and up, the team continues.

Some people are here for the season, some are here for weeks or a month, some live here year-round. And most people don’t even know it exists.

Edwina (Eddie) Foster
Fort Myers Beach


Editor Note: The Senior Softball group meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am at Bay Oaks through spring. Both men and women are welcome. Anyone with questions can call Ed at 248-891-8848. Bay Oaks Recreational Center and the Community Pool are located at 2731 Oak Street. To find it turn bay-ward on either side of the Beach Library, then left on Oak Street. For more information, see our article, “The Boys & Girls of Winter”published in the Island Sand Paper on November 25, 2016 available at