Great Care at Stadium


I just want to thank the ushers and paramedics who helped me after Cruz’s 1st Homer of the Spring Training Season hit me in the head during the final game at Hammond Field yesterday! The ushers were right with me, bringing ice and asking me what day it was, etc. Then the paramedics arrived, asked some of the same questions, and a few new ones. When things went dark for me, they transferred me to the little room in center field, monitored my blood pressure, gave me some saline in the arm, and waited for my blood presume to resume into the normal range! I believe the main guy was named Pete, and hopefully I’m remembering that correctly. He was so professional, calming, and had the most beautiful tattoos on his muscled arms! He also managed to start an IV with one poke, which oftentimes is not the case when I have lab tests! I am home today, icing my thumb, which also got in the way of the ball. But, I’m alive and well today, thanks to these fine men and women! Thanks again!

Marilyn Quackenbush
Fort Myers Beach