Grants First


Many in the Laguna Shores neighborhood residents are very concerned about the storm water proposal. Federal FEMA and state grants are available to develop storm water systems. It is not apparent that the city of Fort Myers Beach has applied for or received any grants to help subsidize the cost of such projects. Many millions in grants have been secured for the Mound house and I would think a storm water mitigation project of $30,000,000 would also benefit from seeking such grants. I have been in touch with Bureau Chiefs office of FEMA in Thomasville, Ga and been told the last grant for Fort Myers beach was in 2010. I have done a little online research of fees around the state. This is what I found. The fees proposed by the city council are 2x’s the fees for many of us of residents in Naples and Clearwater. Also most of the cities had the residents approve the expense by popular vote. Tampa $3, Miami Dade $4, Jacksonville $5, St Petersburg $6.80, Orlando $10, Maples $13, Clearwater $14.5. Lets get grants first and then see what cost to the residents is necessary to fund the project.

Jon Ames

Fort Myers Beach