We keep hearing the words “Keep an open mind” intoned about Grandiose, oh, I meant Grand Resorts. Has anyone heard the saying, “Don’t let your mind stay so open that your brains fall out?”

Right from the start, this operation has reminded me of a hungry python angling its coils to trap a fat raccoon. Wild animals are direct. They don’t talk out of both sides of their mouth about a seawall really being a coastal protection system, and don’t try to sell the outrageous concept that money will come from some magical source that mysteriously can never be specified to pay for all sorts of expensive things the would-be developer wants. We are assured that the taxpayer won’t foot the bill; that a little traffic roundabout will cure long-standing and intractable traffic problems, as well as handling the hundreds of additional cars that would try to cram themselves on our island, no problem. And best of all, if our public park is handed over for the python’s digestion, there is no way the next developer can demand similar favors. Of course, we are to flush our comprehensive plan into the toilet; why? Because the would-be developer thinks we should do that for him.

Now it appears our elected public officials have been having cozy, private, illegal chats with the would-be developer. Their defense is evidently, oh, I didn’t know that wasn’t OK. I recall that defense has led to some perp walks in the past.

If this project goes through, the worst thing of all will be that the character of our island will be irretrievably changed. A lot of our visitors, as well as our residents, come here expressly to escape cookie-cutter resorts. Now we’re supposed to become one? Why, because the python says we should just lay down and get swallowed?

Bonnie McLaughlin

Fort Myers Beach