Government Overreach


Your “Funky” Town editorial was spot on. (Editorial, “Save our ‘Funky’ Town,” Island Sand Paper; September 20, 2019) “For a Town that sees itself as a funky little beach town, our Town’s rules are bringing it perilously close to “control freak” status, which is a long, long way from funky.”

Ironically, the same issue ran a story about a member of the Local Planning Agency trying for exactly that kind of government overreach (“LPA Approves Publix Liquor Store”). I would like to say to (LPA member) Scott Safford that it is not his purview, or that of the LPA, Town Council or any arm of Fort Myers Beach Town government to tell businesses what they should or should not sell. That is micro-managing we neither want nor need.


Jim Farley
Fort Myers Beach