Good Traffic News


I am sure most Fort Myers Beach residents have experienced the horrible traffic congestion at the intersection of Estero Blvd. and Old San Carlos Blvd, particularly during “season”. It includes cars, busses and trucks entering and leaving the intersection from four directions and pedestrians slowly crossing from three directions. It couldn’t be worse!

For the past three years I, and many others, have been working with our FMB Town Council, Commissioner Larry Kiker and representatives of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)  to assign a trained traffic director at that intersection, on a trial basis. Progress was slow but on Friday, March 15 a police traffic director was guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic through that intersection AT RECORD SPEED. First he held all vehicles while pedestrians were urged to move quickly, then he held all pedestrians while vehicles fed quickly through the intersection. It was beautiful to watch.

Now we urge our  Town Council and Lee County to find money in their current budget to continue having the traffic director there, until the end of season, and in their 2020 budget. Also we should begin thinking about allowing vehicles in the right hand lane, the entire length of the bridge, since we now know the traffic director, at that intersection can keep traffic moving swiftly.


Ron Landisi
Fort Myers Beach