Good Choices


What is the cost of the gas you burn and the wear-and-tear on your nerves and your car as you sit, not-so-patiently waiting, to get onto or off Estero Island? What kind of damage are we doing to our beautiful island sanctuary by burning all that fossil fuel?

Those of us who live here often have to have a vehicle, for trips off-island to doctors, businesses, friends, etc. But we have one road, with one lane in each direction. To help solve our never-ending vehicle gridlock, we need to get more cars off the island. Here are some ideas that may help reduce Estero Blvd traffic:

– Craft an agreement with LeeTran to make ALL trolleys and trams free, at least during the season, from the Park ‘n Ride to Lovers Key.

– Extend the tram at least to Newton Beach Park. Just as we have only one road, we have only one grocery store on the island. Making it possible to transport groceries car-free would be wonderful, for residents and visitors alike.

– Add bus stops at as many public beach access points as possible, with bus shelters that will allow people to wait for the bus protected from the weather.

– Let’s get street lighting that is safe for pedestrians, drivers, and turtles. We don’t need the cheapest answer; we need the best answer.

– Paint crosswalks, and add lighted pedestrian crossing indicators at EVERY street corner. Pedestrians may walk a half block to use a well-marked crosswalk. They are unlikely to walk 3 or 4 blocks to do so. And please, let’s make every corner and its crosswalk safe and accessible for the handicapped.

This island will always have a traffic problem that needs to be managed, but we can make choices that will help, rather than hurt this place we call paradise.


Kathleen Finderson
Fort Myers Beach