Goliath Grouper Caught in Lagoon


Paul “PJ” Hruby of Ohio was doing some fishing Saturday night in the lagoon behind the Eden House. He’s been coming to Fort Myers Beach from Ohio with his family since he was a kid.

This year he’s caught two goliath grouper in the lagoon on live finger mullet, one 43 pounds and another 35 pounds. He released both safely into the Gulf.

caught in the lagoon, bull shark, fort myers beach
3. While fishing near Big Carlos Pass, Hruby caught this 9ft + bull shark, which was later released. All photos submitted.

He also caught a 9′ 2″ bull shark with a dead mullet in the Back Bay by big San Carlos Bridge. It was unhooked and safely released.

Nice vacation fishing for PJ!!!


Sandy Sandness
Photos submitted