Glade Lobelia


A wetland beauty has a configuration that softens the heart.

The Glade Lobelia, Lobelia glandulosa, is a small wetland perennial that reaches to a height of 12 to 18 inches.  A single erect stem grows from a small basal rosette made up of linear leaves. Upward pointing linear leaves with toothed leaf margins are alternate on the stems.

Flowers begin at the bottom of the stem and grow upwards from there. Bloom color ranges from light lavender to deep pinkish.  The flower’s corolla has two lips and five lobes. The upper lip has two separated petals and the lower lip has three larger fused petals.  This species attracts both butterflies and bees.

Glade Lobelia is a plant that can only grow in a wetland. It is termed as an obligate wetland species.  It can be found nowhere else. A wetland plant that can also survive in a moist upland environment is a facultative wetland species.

This specimen was photographed in a wet swale in the OK slough in Hendry County.


Dorothy Rodwell