Give Both Views


I seldom write to an editor but looking through your May 19th paper I decided to make a comment.

On page 9 Editorial you comment in paragraph 6 “We operate on the premise of providing Islanders with unbiased information that they can trust.”

But in issue after issue you present only biased articles by two of the most left liberal leaning people writing today. No counter point or at least a conservative viewpoint.

It seems to me that roughly half the country has conservative views, and the other half follows social or more liberal views. So it surprises me that even though your in the business of publishing a “Paper” for all, which I assume you are, you would write for all and not just half of the population readership. You are not converting anyone one way or the other. Republicans and Democrats will believe their agenda and will only be turned off if it does not agree with their thinking. So you lose half your readership by not being unbiased.

Trump is our president like it or not so lets not hurt ourselves (America) by pushing one agenda over another.

I prefer to read an unbiased paper or at least one who gives both views.


Tom Friedmann
Fort Myers Beach


Editor’s Note: The viewpoints opinion page in the Island Sand Paper includes two syndicated columnists selected to provide both conservative and liberal leaning viewpoints. Bob Franken tends to lean left; Rich Lowry right. A former editor of the National Review, Lowry is not often described as a liberal.