Get Behind Right People


Sanibel’s mayor Keven Ruane was scheduled to speak May 2 along side of Ray Judah and John Heim. However, Ruane canceled and rescheduled so that he did not have to share the podium with these two clean water activists. During this workshop Judah was interrupted and questioned by our former mayor in a similar manner over similar issues as Tracy Gore used with Ruane.

On May 16 Ruane began his behavior in an adversarial manner by trying unsuccessfully to put down Ray Judah (as our former mayor had previously unsuccessfully done).

Gore simply asked good tough questions on building a money pit without a cleaning component.

Next, Summer Stockton asked tough questions regarding big sugar money contributions. Ruane’s answers included that public servants, such as himself personally, accept donations as they are underpaid. Ruane then admitted to taking donations from people he doesn’t even know or check out or even where they come from.

Ruane also stated at one point that water costs would be 1.2 trillion dollars and a few minutes later said 1.2 billion.

Then up comes Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki pushing her way to the podium without any legal reason or authorization to rudely confront Gore completely inappropriately and uncalled for. Stockton responded correctly in Gore’s defense.

Cape Coral has recently been cited by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for its discharging of polluted water. In turn Cape Coral has responded to the DEP that Fort Myers’s discharging of pollution is far worse.

I am personally proud of Tracy Gore and Summer Stockton for their actions on May 16. They should be applauded by our community for their courage and dedication to FMB!

It is time to get behind the right people and let them know we support them.


Ber N. Stevenson
Fort Myers Beach