FUN – damental Reading at Beach School


The Reading is Fundamental (RIF) book program was held this week at Beach School. Thanks to generous community and volunteer support, the school has been able to continue this book giveaway program, even after government support for it vanished several years ago. Each RIF event has a theme and this one was Kindness. A theme-related activity and short lesson preceded the main event – each student picking out a free book of their very own. On their way back to their classroom, students placed a hand cutout listing an act of kindness on a Kindness tree display in the hallway.

LCSO Deputy Colleen Lalor assists students with their activity.

Coordinating this RIF event was Terry Jacobs, the school’s bookkeeper, with assistance from Kathy Del Balzo, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy and School Resource Officer Colleen Lalor, Art teacher Holly Nichols and Susan Propp.




fundamental reading, fort myers beach kindness tree
Students place their ‘act of kindness” hand on the Kindness tree in the hallway. Photos by M. Layfield.