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Home Safety Inspections

Hello Fort Myers Beach, San Carlos Island and surrounding areas!

In this installment, we will be highlighting one of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department’s key priorities, the preservation of life and property in our community. Many times, property owners are not aware of the dangers present in their own home until they are identified in a Home Fire and Life Safety Inspection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates approximately 45,210 home fires involved electrical failure or malfunction; causing 420 civilian deaths, 1,370 civilian injuries, and $1.4 billion in property damage in the years 2010-2014. Sadly, many of these tragedies are preventable.

When members of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department inspect a property, we look for common issues that could cause a fire or injury. Some common issues found include missing fire extinguishers, improperly stored flammable liquids and extension cords used as permanent wiring. Another critical item reviewed is a home’s smoke alarms, to ensure they are present and operational to save a life!

Review and education on these common items can help prevent fire tragedies. Recently in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, a fire occurred in a home that sadly resulted in a loss of life. During the course of the fire investigation, it was discovered that this fire was ignited due to the improper use of extension cords. Unfortunately, the property did not have working smoke alarms, which may have prevented this horrific loss of life.

This tragic event is one of the reasons we promote and recommend residential safety inspections in our community. Many of these unfortunate events may be avoidable if a safety inspection is completed in your home. Your Fort Myers Beach Fire Department is dedicated to Shaping Our Community through Excellence and ensuring our community’s safety by offering this service.

Homeowners who wish to receive a complimentary residential safety inspection, assistance with smoke alarms or any other services offered by the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department are encouraged to contact us at (239) 590-4200, email us at, or visit us on the web at You can also subscribe to the Fire Chief’s “Scoop” to stay up to date on weekly activity!

Thank you for your support and make it a safe day!


Matt Love
FMBFD Fire Chief