From the Fire Chief, Holiday Safety


Hello Fort Myers Beach, San Carlos Island and surrounding areas!

As the holiday season quickly approaches and our beach community welcomes back the seasonal crowds, the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to do a fire safety check of their residences and surrounding areas. Whether you call Fort Myers Beach home year round or only seasonally, we want to make sure you are safe. Here are a few items to check as you get in the holiday mood!

  1. On November 3rd we all set our clocks back an hour. This is a great time to check the batteries in your smoke alarms, if you need to replace them, consider the new ten (10) year sealed smoke alarm.


  1. Check your fire extinguishers. Make sure you shake them to loosen up the powder.


  1. Check your electrical box. If anything feels warm or hot, or breakers keep tripping, call an electrician.


  1. Trim back any overgrown trees or bushes from around your home. A general rule is to make sure nothing is touching the home. However, please stay away from anything near a power line, and call Florida Power & Light (FPL) for assistance.


  1. Holiday lights can bring in the spirit, but please make sure you are not overloading outlets and all cords are in good condition.


  1. Cooking fires are one of the leading causes of fires in Southwest Florida. Remember, do not leave any pots or pans unattended when cooking.


  1. If you celebrate the holidays with a live Christmas tree, remember to water the tree every day. Dry Christmas trees can burn up in seconds! As an alternative, use LED lights that do not produce heat.


  1. Did you know that frying your turkey cuts the cook time in half? While this may leave you with a juicy turkey, it is also very dangerous. If you deep fry your turkey this Thanksgiving, make sure you set it up away from your home, have a fire extinguisher (water will make the oil spread), and make sure the turkey is not frozen.


  1. Candles are used for a variety of reasons year-round, but during the holidays we tend to see them a little more. When you are using candles, never leave them unattended, keep them out of reach of pets and children, and please do not put any flammable decorations around them.

If you are interested in more holiday fire safety information or any other services offered by the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department, please contact us at (239) 590-4200, email us at, or visit us on the web at You can also subscribe to the Fire Chief’s “Scoop” to stay up to date on weekly activity.

Happy holidays and make it a safe season!


Matt Love
Fire Chief, Fort Myers Beach Fire Department