Friends of the Mound House, “Thank you”



We may be a small 7 mile barrier island, but every week our Town Council, local businesses, newspapers, residents, visitors and restaurants receive letters of appreciation in regard to how they support events on the beach. Well, the Friends of the Mound House Fundraiser on December 5, 2015 had positive response from all of the above. A special “Thanks” to South Beach Grille, Local Color, One Flight Up, Laurie Nienhaus and Carmen Pachino, Gifts By The Sea, The Print Shop, Edwina Raffa, Mound House and CELCAB Members, The Observer, Island Sand Paper and The Sun Bay Paper. When one considers all of the activities going on at this holiday season, how fortunate we were that all facets of our Town came out to support our Fundraiser. “Thank you all” from the Friends of the Mound House Directors and members.

Ceel Spuhler

Fort Myers Beach