Friendly Matchless Beach


We do not claim to be experts on branding, but as long-time residents who have been involved in the community, we would like to add our thoughts. When describing the Town of Fort Myers Beach (FMB), any catchy phrase should be about feelings more than facts. It should describe not only what we are now, but what we want to be. The words should provide a mental as well as a real picture of our community. Input should be solicited from a wide cross section of the community. We would like to submit one brand slogan knowing that other “islanders” will provide suggestions worthy of consideration. Our Town name has always been shortened to FMB. These three letters could be used to describe our brand. Our submittal for consideration is: F – Friendly, M – Matchless, B – Beach. Friendly describes how those who live and work in the town are welcoming to others. Matchless describes the uniqueness of FMB, e.g. culturally and in the definition of “islanders.” Beach is the obvious centerpiece of the land mass that makes up the town. Let the creative juices flow.

Tom and Annie Babcock
Fort Myers Beach