Four Beach Properties Gain Historic Recognition


During this week’s LPA meeting, the Historic Preservation Board recognized the first four properties under the Town’s 2015 Ordinance regarding Historic Properties.

The ordinance established four Categories of Historic Importance (CHI) in an effort to celebrate and preserve the Town’s history. Properties with historic or archeological importance qualify for identification with a historic plaque. Only one category, Historic Designation, requires maintenance of original historic features. The other three categories do not.

The four properties recognized this week fall into CHI-2 – Historic Recognition. CHI-2 properties meet requirements for higher importance to social, education, religious, commercial or tourism heritage.


Silver Sands Villas

Four Beach Properties Gain Historic Recognition, Silver SandsLocated at 1207 Estero Blvd, these cottages were originally built in 1921 as a fishing camp. Submitted by Andrea Carriere.



160 Coconut Drive

Four Beach Properties Gain Historic Recognition, 160 Coconut Dr.Built in 1958, according to county tax records, as part of the Gulf View Plaza subdivision, this Post/Piling home may have been built much earlier. Submitted by Morey and Becky Nakaya.




231 Pearl Street

Four Beach Properties Gain Historic Recognition, 231 Pearl St.This Post/Piling home, built as a beach cottage in 1950 in the Hills T.P. Subdivision is currently used as a rental. Submitted by Judy Haataja.



5664 Estero Blvd

Four Beach Properties Gain Historic Recognition, 5664 EsteroBuilt by Eddie Ball in 1948, before Estero was paved that far south and long before street addresses were used in the area, this property, holding two buildings, was known as Aloha 1 and Aloha 2. Built of concrete block on concrete block pilings it withstood Hurricane Donna in 1960. Submitted by Joanne Shamp.


Beach properties previously recognized as historic structures include: St. Raphael’s Episcopal Church, the Smith Cottage and the Carter Cottage. Anyone considering applying for historic recognition may pick up a brochure at Town Hall.

Information on historic Fort Myers Beach structures and a self-guided walking tour is available at the Estero Island Historic Cottage, open Wednesday and Saturday 10am-noon, or online at


Missy Layfield