Fort Myers Beach Questions


Does the city care that 3 dogs were pooping by the ‘no dog’ sign at Crescent Beach last week in the afternoon…nah…nah.

Does anyone care that there are laws prohibiting fireworks set off by the public on the beach…nah…nah.

Does anyone care that the folks on Virginia have stated they want nothing done with the property on their street…nah…nah.

Does the county/state monitor moored boats in the back bay for dumping…nah…nah.

Does the city care that Del Mar is still the same as it was 6 months ago…nah…nah.

Do the contractors worry about places being dug up and repaved up to 10 times on Estero…..nah…nah.

Does anyone anywhere ever care that the paver/brick system in the center of Estero doesn’t/won’t/and never will work  nah….nah.

And my favorite…after 1 1/2 years…no plans in the works for new docks torn down illegally on Coconut and Hercules… (troubles getting organized with vendors they say).

And how about that storm water system…how do you clean water in a swale? How do you make water flow into water that is higher than the water you want the low water to flow in to? How about returning all the storm water charges to the folks on the island and starting all over again. Or, how about being sure you have paid up your ‘my bad’ insurance premiums, cause I see those who are being treated unfairly and ignored, waiting in the wings.

Many kudos to Dennis Boback and Tracey Gore for their endless hours of work in order to improve our town.


Becca Nakaya
Fort Myers Beach