Fort Myers Beach Named One of Top 500 Places to Retire


Retirement can be a complicated subject. For most, retirement presents the opportunity to relax and do the things you never had time for. However, for many people retirement can be a tough transition from constant busyness to frequent boredom.

Fort Myers Beach made the LendEDU Top 500 list, coming in at #442. A total of 13, 564 communities were analyzed.

Some retirees simply do not know what to do with all of their new free time or find themselves isolated from the hustle and bustle of the working world.

For these reasons, it is imperative for newly retired folks to retire to a community that will keep them active and spirited. Not to mention, retirement is as topical an issue as ever; according to Pew Research, 10,000 Baby Boomers will pass the retirement threshold of 65 years of age every single day for the next 12 years.

In this spirit, LendEDU created a Best Places to Retire list. LendEDU’s list ranks the 500 U.S. cities that are best for the people that are looking to ride off into the sunset. Our list evaluated tens of thousands American towns and cities based on three parameters: (1) Retirement Age Population Score; (2) Healthcare Accessibility Score; (3) Entertainment Availability Score.

Using licensed data, LendEDU was able to find the proportion of a city’s residents that were over the age of 65. With the same data, we were able to find the number of healthcare facilities and the number of entertainment attractions in each city. These three data points were then normalized according to the respective town or city’s population.

After assigning each parameter a weight, each city was given a score indicative of their compatibility with retirees. A higher score meant a better ranking and vice versa. The cities that made the final ranking were the 500 best cities to retire in. In total, 13,564 cities and towns were analyzed.

Fort Myers Beach ranked high in Retirement Age Population Score at 99.88. Under Healthcare Accessibility Score, Fort Myers Beach scored a 56.56 and under Entertainment Availability Score 81.18. The town’s total score, which weighted Retirement Age and Entertainment scores at 40% each and the Healthcare Accessibility at 20%, was 83.74, tying with Barton, Vermont and just ahead of Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

Thirteen Florida cities were named to the 500 list with Fort Myers Beach coming in at #13. The five highest scoring Florida cities were Islamorada – 97.15, Boca Grande – 96.54, Big Pine Key – 88.11, Sanibel – 87.44 and Marco Island – 86.57.

California scored the most towns in the top 500 with 35 towns. Minnesota came in second with 30. For comparison purposes, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Ohio didn’t have a single town make the top 500 list.

As retirement becomes increasingly relevant, the Best Places to Retire list may assist all of those people looking to settle down and enjoy every single day.

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Information provided by LendEDU