Fort Myers Beach is Unique


My family thought we had seen everything‚Ķ until we made our entrance onto Fort Myers Beach. It’s been an interesting six months since we opened the Nauti Parrot Dock Bar on San Carlos Island. We’ve had our combination of naysayers, and those who have given us a weekly religious sort of ritual, blessing our arrival.

We quickly started to realize that this place is different; Fort Myers Beach is unique in what people have come to expect from a restaurant and bar. It’s unlike anywhere else in SWFL in many aspects, but the most notable is the sense of community. It has a small town kind of feel where everybody knows everyone else’s name (and sometimes dirty laundry). “Look out for that one, he’s fallen off!” and “She’s been a fixture to this place for going on thirty years.” (Talking about Betty Kai, our hostess) are things we hear almost on a daily basis.

It’s been a learning process but we continue to grow and adapt. While my family has been working hard to establish the groundwork for this restaurant, we wish to become more than that, we plan to become a landmark of the Fort Myers Beach community.


Tyler Geib
Fort Myers Beach