Fort Myers Beach Fire District Urges Early Prep for Irma


Prepare Now

Executive Assistant Chief Ron Martin released a statement Tuesday morning urging residents of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District to prepare now for the possible effects of Hurricane Irma.

“Unfortunately, a small price to pay for living and enjoying our beautiful gulf coast community is that we need to prepare our families and businesses for the impact of a Hurricane. Currently, we have a major Hurricane in the Atlantic that has a possibility of affecting our community in some way, while it is still too soon to know how Hurricane Irma will affect our community; it is not too soon to prepare.

“The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind all District residents, and business owners that we should all start preparing our homes, families, and businesses for a severe weather event as soon as this weekend.

As a reminder Hurricane Plans should account for emergency supplies, all residents should have at least 72 hours of non-perishable supplies, which include the following:

– Drinking water at least 1 Gallon of water per day per person

– Non-Perishable food

– Manual can opener

– Battery operated radio and flashlights

– Prescription medications

– Cash (ATM’s may not function for days after a severe weather event

-Vital documents secured in a waterproof container

-Mosquito repellant


Individuals seeking further assistance in Hurricane Preparedness should visit Lee County Emergency Management at: or