Forrest Critser


Town Council Candidacy Announcement

I would like to introduce myself: I am Forrest Critser. Everyone knows me as “Butch”. I am a retired Baptist Minister from Kentucky. My wife and I came to this little piece of paradise fifteen years ago to be close to our grandchildren, when our son and his family moved here to start ministering at the Beach Baptist Church. I ran a successful business in Kentucky. I, like a lot of you have seen firsthand the problems on the beach both in the streets and in town hall.

I want to see thoughtful and civil conversation on community issues and problems. I want cooperation and efforts that bring prosperity to our Island businesses and the employees that keep them humming. I would encourage buying local to support local shops and their employees throughout the year not just from our visitors during season.

My campaign slogan “New Leadership for a Brighter Future” is the main reason I am running for Town Council. I want to see Stability and common sense and remembering where we have been at Town Hall. I want town leaders that want the best for our little town and know that they have to work with and appreciate all viewpoints on all issues. I want to see some progress on the downtown area. This area needs to be developed; not the next Disneyland theme park but into something. I want a new spirit of cooperation between residents, taxpayers and businesses as we all work toward what is best for our Island home and all Islanders. We have long defined an Islander as anyone who lives, works or visits here. It matters          not whether you own, rent or work here. Or maybe you pay to park for a day here. Islanders love this little island and want what’s best for it. That is the definition of an Islander in my book. And that is the central point of my campaign.

Since my last unsuccessful bid for town council I have been part of Community Resource Advisory Board (CRAB). I have served as Vice-chair and worked on numerous projects.

I end with saying that I PRAY and whether you are a believer or not I am sure you can join me in saying we need New Leadership for a Brighter Future. Thank you for listening and I hope if you don’t vote for me you at least come out and vote.