Former CERT Members Appreciate Sunshine Laws


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Missy Layfield, Editor, Island Sand Paper, for exploring and explaining so clearly the issues involved with the disbanding of CERT by the Fire Department. Not only do you very succinctly explain the sequence of events and the manner in which it all happened, you make it clear that our Sunshine laws are vital to our citizens.

The CERT issue is closed, unfortunately, which is a loss to the Island and to the many volunteers who have given their time, allegiance, skills and loyalty to our residents. However, it is reassuring to know you will continue to be alert and to report on the public entities in our town. Thank you!

Miffie Greer
Ceel Spuhler
Kelly Leary
Mary Ganem
Wendy Herron
Penny Sharpe
Catherine Wallace
Mary Rose Spalletta
Tanya Podley
(Former CERT Members)