Food for Thought


March, on Ft. Myers Beach, is an experience my husband and I look forward to, each year. Coming from the Canadian winter, who could blame us?

During our weekly trip to the grocery store, I allowed my imagination free rein. It was an especially busy morning. The grocery cart traffic slowed to a halt. It occurred to me that a system of traffic lights, for entering and exiting the aisles, might work here … just a thought!

At the fruit section, I fell into conversation with a young couple, also here to escape winter. We stood together, squeezing cantaloupes, then moved on to bananas. They asked if we had visited the Naples Zoo, and we agreed that the Primate Expedition Cruise was great fun.

At the fish counter, I listened to a fisherman describe the art of casting the net. Here, I was reminded of the great blue herons, waiting at the water’s edge for donations … fish too small for a decent fry-up.

The poultry section reminded us of three delightful days in Key West. Colorful wild chickens are seen strutting the streets. They are thought to be descended from fighting cocks brought to the island long ago, and are protected by local law.

The sight of our overstuffed grocery cart and the cooking that it implied, turned our thoughts to eating out. Some of our favorite restaurants are found at the Santini Marina Plaza. A no-fail choice is the South Beach Grill.

Speaking of beaches, what better place to spend time after your sumptuous meal then … the beach? You can hike it, bike it, mine it for shells, or just sit and watch another glorious sunset. Time well spent, I say!

Allison and Michael Goldstein