Follow the Money


Your editorial in Issue 782 (“Second verse, same as the first”) reminded me of a recent article pointing out that the water contamination problems in Flint, MI, were caused by politicians doing what was good for business, not for their people. The article drew the comparison with Florida, where “the people” don’t seem to be heard by the politicians. Last year we were asking them to spend the money voted and passed in a referendum to buy the land and improve water management around Lake O. Did they? Not on your life.

Now, while dumping polluted Lake water into our river, the sugar cane industry is pumping their excess (polluted) water back into the lake for us to enjoy on our beaches.

I suggest that the only long term solution is Campaign Finance Reform. The politicians (local, state, federal,) get elected by money – not by you or I. Without money you can’t get your message out, or drown the opposition. So they are beholden to the money-men – in our case the sugar cane industry. Take business out of the equation so that only limited private contributions by individuals are allowed and see who wins the elections.

I believe lots of folk are coming around to this way of thinking. It isn’t a coincidence that Michael Bloomberg ran NYC for a number of years, being elected for a 3rd special term. And Donald Trump is the next example of the right way to finance a campaign.

Peter Thornton

Fort Myers Beach