FMB Got Talent Thanks


Saturday, February 18th Santini Marina Plaza hosted the 6th Annual Fort Myers Beach Got Talent and we are, as always, amazed by the talented individuals who shared their talent with the crowd!

Then, there are those amazing people behind the scenes and on the stage who make this event happen! It never ceases to amaze me when Homar Naveja rounds the corner from the Marina with that giant forklift delivering the monster stage and skillfully lowering it in place in the Plaza parking lot. Our Matt Persons, the ‘right hand guy’ who handles the ‘props’, the tents, chairs, tables, cones and all the mechanics involved for an event. Janeen Paulauskis who oversees the event particulars and is always there to help in so many ways. To Fern Toomey and Jean Findlay, my dedicated volunteers who are there from registration to vote count, keeping the event running smoothly with smiling skills.

Then, on stage, the magic happens, with DJ Brenda, always the best, accommodating the performers with their songs, in their ‘key’ and then our Island’s consummate professional performers Jo and Mark List commandeering the mic as the Masters of Ceremony team and gifting the crowd with their amazing talents! These Santini Marina Plaza community events are hosted by Al and Kathy Durrett and their generous support is the reason these events are possible.

A sincere thank you to you all!

Islanders we hope to see you at Santini on March 18th for the 6th Annual Smokin’ in the Mangroves!


Bonnie Roberts, Event Coordinator
Santini Marina Plaza