FMB Engagement with Grandparents


My daughter dated her boyfriend for many years. Over the years, they would visit my parents in Ft Myers and take them to the beach. As my parents aged, it became more difficult to utilize beaches. Some beach accesses are easier to use than others with a wheelchair. My parents’ doctors informed us that they could not travel back home. My future son-in-law stepped into gear, bought the ring and booked tickets for us to visit my parents. We took my parents to see the sunset. We all know that the best sunsets are on Ft Myers Beach, so we headed there and pushed my parents in the wheelchair and walker on the plastic path onto the sand. As the sun began to lower, my son-in-law knelt down on one knee and asked my daughter to marry him in front of my parents, myself and my husband. We all cheered and my mom cried. She thought she would miss this intimate moment with my daughter.

Since Ft Myers Beach is handicap-friendly, we could access the beach, enjoy the sunset and watch our daughter get engaged. We would like to thank the town council for the hard work and dedication to beach access availability for all.

As a follow up, our daughter was married the following March in NJ. My parents could not attend, so we brought a wedding to them 3 months later, holding an intimate ceremony on Captiva at sunset for my parents to be part of our daughter’s marriage. It was a spectacular weekend filled with love and family bonds.

We share a love for the beach and a love for each other. Longevity in marriage runs in both of our families. My parents have been married for 65 years. We have been married for 33 years and my son-in-law’s parents have been married for 25 years


Maureen Coelho
New Jersey