Florida Master Naturalist Program Graduates


Eighteen proud graduates of the Coastal Class of the Florida Master Naturalist Program received their diplomas on Tuesday. The class, one of three required to be designated as a Florida Master Naturalist, was offered over six weeks at the Newton House by instructors Mick Curtis and Jim Rodwell. Shown here, graduates include George Adams, Tom Babcock, Chuck Bodenhafer, Sharon Bodenhafer, Dave Boesche, Lucy Breitung, Salli Donaldson, Pat Hirt, Carla Mandel, Tara McGraw, Sheila Pettersen,  Gini Smith, Mary Rose Spalletta, Jackson Sullivan, Kyle Sweet, Nathan Torres, Jay Truax, Randa Veach, Bill Veach. For information on future classes visit www.masternaturalist.ifas.ufl.edu

Photo courtesy of Jim Rodwell