In the 19 years that Fort Myers Beach has been a town, I thought that I’ve seen it all. The last town council meeting took the cake. When John Heim demanded that (Mayor) Anita Cereceda immediately resign, I was flabbergasted. Anita? The most incorruptible politician ever is Anita Cereceda. In 22 years of knowing the Mayor and owning a business on the beach, I would have bribed Anita many times to get my way if I could have, but that has never been in her personality makeup. Anita is for the good of all people on this beach. I have been in more than a few meetings with the mayor where she leaves the meeting right and I leave the meeting mad. She says what she says and like it or not, you learn with her that you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. I don’t know what Anita Cereceda did for him to publicly demand her resignation but I believe he may have drank a little too much of that bad water he so actively talks about. You can be an activist without being an extremist, but some have to be both.

Everyone on Fort Myers Beach has their opinion and most are not shy about letting their opinions be heard. Although everyone, including Mr. Heim, are entitled to their opinion and want it to be heard, in my opinion, it should not be heard in a town council meeting without any merit just to be newsworthy. Before anyone does that again, I suggest they should think twice, then bring 50 cents and their opinion to anywhere on Fort Myers Beach to buy a cup of coffee. Although they have a right to that opinion, most likely they will leave without that cup of coffee because their opinion isn’t worth much.

Dean Kerkesner