Fire Dept. Asks: Don’t Block Intersections


As Fort Myers Beach progresses with the Estero Boulevard Project and we see the influx in seasonal traffic, it is important that we avoid impairing Emergency Services.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department has been working closely with our partners at the Town of Fort Myers Beach, Lee County and the Estero Boulevard Project Contractor to minimize any disruption to Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

As the Estero Boulevard Project moves further south, we would like to remind our community that it is imperative especially during times of heavy traffic, for drivers to avoid blocking cross streets and driveways leading into businesses, and condominium complexes. This is particularly important in the next segment of construction activity, as we pass Voorhis Street and the project approaches the Publix area.

When we experience heavy seasonal traffic patterns, it is common for drivers to stack end to end blocking cross streets and driveways. These cross streets and driveways that run directly off Estero Boulevard are the only access our emergency services have to reach our citizens, businesses and visitors.

We would like to thank our community for working as active partners in ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors by adopting these changes to your daily commute.


Ron Martin
Executive Assistant Fire Chief
Fort Myers Beach Fire Department