Fire Board Seat


Ron Fleming is running for Seat #2 of the FMB Fire Board. When the Board did not appoint him to one of the two openings we had in 2015, he was quite upset since there was no doubt in his mind that he was the best candidate and we the Commissioners were stupid for not selecting him. This is (part of an) email he sent to me, Carol Morris, Chairperson for the FMB Fire Control District. Please read the email and decide if this is someone you would want to vote for. I HOPE NOT.

“Carol, I attempted to mail you and the other 2 incumbents but it bounced back. Claimed your addresses are invalid. Perhaps you should look into that. And more. Please forward this to them.

I am very disappointed in your decision of last evening. I don’t doubt the people chosen but I believe you missed out. I am surely as qualified as they, however I am an unknown. Your cohorts both stated that they were personally knowledgeable of those selected. It is my belief that you do not want someone who can intelligently question the decisions of the board or your chief. You spoke of education and “life experiences”, I’m guessing that doesn’t apply to the board…Your decision of last evening pales. I wish for good luck for the FMBFD because I believe that with people in charge such as you and yours they need it. Ronald P Fleming.”

The current Board, which includes John Pohland, running for election to Seat 2, consists of 5 individuals with diverse opinions that have been able to successfully work well together and I personally think that Ron Fleming would be an extremely disruptive member of the Board if he were to be elected.

Carol Morris
FMBFCD Commissioner