Fire Board Hears Fire Operations Report


At Tuesday’s bi-monthly Fire Board meeting, Fire Chief Matt Love presented the first presentation in a series to commissioners, offering a look at Fire Operations in the district.

“My responsibility to commissioners is to give you enough background on what the troops do,” said Love. “I’ll be doing a series of short presentations of what our staff does and then, with each new commissioner who comes on board, I’ll share it with them.

“We respond to a plethora of things: fire, emergency medical situations, hazardous waste spills and more. Today I’ll be talking about fire response.”

He explained that most communities see their fire department as a Big Red Truck, but as each community is different and has different needs, their fire department is different also. Equipment, tools, staff, training are all specialized for each community.

He went on to discuss priorities when responding to a fire and the importance of utilizing a systems approach

When responding to a house fire, the department’s priorities are #1 Life Safety, #2 Stabilizing the incident and #3 Property preservation.

Each vehicle has specific capabilities and uses, Love said. Each member of the responding department crew also has specific duties. He then went into detail on vehicle capabilities and crew assignments.

In summary, Love said, “An effective firefighting force requires staffing, apparatus and time to be effective. Next month, he plans to discuss legacy vs. modern firefighting with the commissioners.

The district is recruiting firefighters, looking to hire 3-4. Application deadline is May 27, 2016. Details are available on the district’s website:

During Commissioner Items, several commented on how informative Chief Love’s presentation was and how helpful it would be for members of the community to hear it.

Two items were deferred for late discussion: District Expenses for Hydrant Maintenance and Lee County Bed Tax.

The next Fire Board meeting will be May 24, 2016 at 6pm at Station 31, 3043 Estero Blvd.


Missy Layfield