Find Solutions


One of the reasons we first came to Fort Myers Beach in 1963 was because of the welcome our family received at the FMB Library. Imagine a free library card to a tourist! In those days there were homeless sleeping in a culvert in Times Square and hanging out at the FMB Library. Fifty- six years later the homeless/vagrants are still here. Many are veterans of various conflicts that stood up and fought for you and me. Most have mental problems that are untreated by choice or neglect. They are citizens who have right to be in public spaces. The community with the Town Board members, the churches who have united to address hunger and homelessness, and law enforcement agencies need to continue meet to find ways to provide for the safety of all who live, work and travel to our community AND for the homeless themselves. Remarks like those of Board member Boback show a lack of knowledge of the law and WHY those who live on the street have chosen that life style. No one “can make others get help”. And further, God’s Table is not the reason vagrants come to our community. It’s our weather Mr. Boback! It is not “real simple” and rather than to condemn let’s support a coalition of organizations and citizens to find legal ways to find solutions to honor of Dr. Hommerding.


Meg Bushnell
Fort Myers Beach