Feral Cats Killed


I recently experienced a situation that left me extremely saddened and outraged. I am part of a volunteer group that feeds a feral cat colony on San Carlos Blvd of 19 to 20 cats. There are many such groups, not just here but in several states. My husband and I have been helping with this for several years. These cats were part of a T/N/R program, meaning they were taken to be spayed/neutered and ear clipped (to be recognized so as not to re-capture them) to prevent reproducing.

Recently the property where they congregate at dark to be fed, was purchased by an entity selling used cars. We were told we could continue feeding if we observed a few rules, one of which was to move them away from the building in a grassy area by the newly erected bird nesting pole, which we did. However, as we began to notice our cat numbers decreasing, we became concerned and looked around. We found cages where the cats were being trapped. Upon investigation, we learned they were being caught and taken to the shelter to be killed, because Animal Control does not try to adopt out feral cats. This was done secretly, behind our backs without giving us a chance to relocate them.

These cats do nothing to harm people and don’t even appear in the daytime. They are only feral because of the irresponsible people who do not spay or neuter their cats, let them roam or dump them when they leave town.

I am hoping you will print this to make the public aware. Those of us who care about living creatures, dedicate our time and our own money to do our part to help control the population and care for them without killing them unnecessarily.


Frances Gatlin
Fort Myers Beach