Feral Cat Response


“Feral Cats Killed,” (Letter to the Editor, Island Sand Paper August 5, 2016) caught my eye. (The website letter) received 45 “Likes.” I’m surprised at the lack of respect these feral cat volunteers and “Like” supporters have for private property and a business that generates jobs. What responsible business owner would tolerate 19-20 cats being fed at an establishment that provides their livelihood? Oh the sweet smell.

The owner turned the cats over to Animal Control. That is the law as it stands. The volunteers claim they could have relocated these 19-20 feral cats. Some other deserving person’s premises? I notice they didn’t tender their own residences.

The volunteer feral cat program has many proven merits (Wikipedia). Unfortunately, the urban corridor is not the ideal location to exercise that privilege. I certainly wouldn’t want my neighbor feeding a feral cat on my property. One leads to two and suddenly it is out of control. The emotionally charged result wrecks a once valued personal or community relationship and harbors righteous anger.

Sidney Jensen
Fort Myers