Fear & Worry


Worry, fear and what motivates us – Locally, nationally, internationally we are concerned for our children, grandchildren, those we love who will survive after us and how they will cope in a decent, livable environment.

The latest land-grabbing bunch who have recently hit the Beach and want to change it drastically, are afraid, too. Nothing will change…except change. Trying to take a publicly-owned park, building an easily breeched seawall, moving the bottleneck traffic 100 ft, they’re worried. Building boardwalks like Atlantic City, NJ – Beaches of FL’s East Coast at Miami with “walled up” lifestyles. Will this permitting pass? Here?

Would not the majority of us who live on Estero Island have moved to those places if that were the ambiance we wanted?

The rest of the State of Florida, 75% of us voted for Amendment 1. It is being ignored by local and state officials.

Now, comes a storm water runoff/maintenance fee. How many more fees can the Town have, which is actually a tax but so it looks as if they are not raising our taxes, it is called a fee?

This stormwater fee is an accommodation for developers. (I’ve called the EPA.) All taxpayers and concerned citizens need to unite again in a new civic association which includes San Carlos Island people against that huge development and all its traffic ramifications affecting Estero Island too. We have to stop spending money we don’t have. Lee County Commissioners, FMB Council/Mgmt get a clue.

Buying the Town Hall bldg. was the best idea you have accomplished. Spending so much on its refurbishing was unnecessary. A moratorium is in order on all phases of bldg. development.

Worry, the subject at hand, is a cycle of inefficient thoughts circling about a maelstrom- a pivot of fear. Stop the foolhardy race to oblivion.

Lucinda Keller

Fort Myers Beach