Fake News


In Missy Layfield’s editorial this week, (Editorial “Peace on the Island,” Island Sand Paper March 29, 2019) she tells us that the Library Board of Directors has decided not to honor our late library director, Leroy Hommerding, by giving the library his name. She writes, “While we hear rumors of an effort to have the library renamed in his honor, we know that the elected Library Board and those that knew him best have concluded that renaming the library would not be something Dr. Leroy would have wanted.” This is fake news; it is not a “rumor” that hundreds, if not thousands of the residents of Fort Myers Beach want the library to be renamed in Dr. Hommerding’s honor; petitions are circulating, both online and via the paper variety, to do so.

Layfield also writes, “Let’s not create community division over something that should unite us….”

I would agree with those sentiments with all my heart, but the only way to keep from creating community division would be for the Library Board to get over their holier-than-thou position (how can anyone know who loves him best?) and honor our late director, may his sweet soul rest in peace, by renaming his beloved library: THE LEROY HOMMERDING FORT MYERS BEACH LIBRARY.


Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Fort Myers Beach