Fading Away


Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore, no we don’t have fields of corn, we have the silky soft sands of gold. Have questions to ask the great Wizard Cereceda, concerning all the proposed opulence and grandeur that are her dreams and those of the ruining paradise types. First off grand Wizard, where all the minions that will have to work in OZ be living as we are no longer welcome in the Golden City unless we own, even the former Edisto Lakes is getting a bit high in price??? how are you going to alleviate traffic when there’s no enough room to get around now??? Perhaps someone is going to be paid our tax dollars in order to lengthen and widen our island for those in pursuit of our dreams that have turned to nightmare, and grand Wizard, where is your humble as the lion little shop going to go, as there will be no local left for your Local Color???, Pete’s Time Out….out of time and place, will have to go to Tarpon Springs for our Greek fix. How much more do we have to lose?? How many more times can we sit here and watch our Island home fade away like a passing rainbow that we were once on the right side of???

Kathleen A. Chappina

Fort Myers Beach