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Ripple Effects: Discover the Miraculous Motivating Power of a Woman’s Influence (NEW ADULT NONFICTION RELIGION TEBOW) Pam Tebow’s quote defines her vision: “Through challenges and setbacks, we each have the opportunity to positively influence others, even when we do not realize, especially when inspired to guide purposefully.” Start simply and enjoy following the flow of a cascading chain reaction.

The Whisper Man (M NOR). A widowed father and his son seek a fresh healing start by relocating. Their new hometown conceals dark serial killer secrets. This young family is now up against a covert accomplice or a quiet copycat killer. Author Alex North unleashes fear.

Snow, Glass, Apples (GRAPHIC NOVELS GAIMAN) is a fantastical adult retelling of the Snow White folk-fairytale. Elegant art deco artwork is illustrated by artist Colleen Doran. This graphic novel is an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman short story.

The Nature Cure:  A Doctors Guide to the Science of Natural Medicine (HEALTH ALTERNATIVE MICHALSEN) Naturopathy seeks solutions to the underlying cause of disease. Clinical and scientific mind-body-medicine introduces patients to lifestyle modifications and more. Author and cardiologist, Dr. Andreas Michalsen has published professional integrative medicine research articles for seventeen years.

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy (NEW ADULT NONFICTION – GENEALOGY BETTINGER) Family history is in your DNA. Science and marketing have unleashed fascinating developments and opportunities. Before you purchase a gene swab test, be sure to match up with a provider that will answer your specific genetic questions. Discover the DNA test pros and cons before committing to a purchase. Author Blaine T. Bettinger Ph.D. is a professional DNA evidence genealogist.Edison (NEW ADULT NONFICTION BIO EDISON) If the American history of botany, chemistry, magnetism, light, sound and telegraphy interest you, consider reading the biography of Thomas Alva Edison. Author Edmund Morris’s comprehensive work will be of great interest to inventors, engineers and historians.

Save Me the Plums: My Gourmet Memoir (NEW ADULT NONFICTION BIO REICHL) The world of Conde Naste’s print-media golden age is combined with deliciously treasured recipes. This collection outlines Ruth Reichl’s editorial experiences working for the late-great Gourmet Magazine. The Beach Library has five of Reichl’s various titles available. Minecraft for Beginners: A Step By Step Guide (J GAMES MILTON) Get started mining with a great graphic tutorial. Step-by-step instructions guide and inspire adventures. Over sixty full-color pages display the ins and outs of this open-ended game. Author Stephanie Milton has created over ten Minecraft handbooks.

Hurricane Season (New Juvenile MEL) A motherless tween daughter fears a virtual sea of unknowing and unspeakable pain. Emotions and confusing solutions are compounded by the reality of seasonal hurricanes. Her wandering father’s unpredictable detachment matches nature’s erratic force. Using the power of art history, she seeks to stabilize her volatile world. This is author Nicole Melleby’s second youth novel.

Ghost Warrior – The Real “Martin Blank”: Green Beret in the Vietnam and Cold War Eras (BIOGRAPHY GOTTLIEB SAILIAN and LE BLANC). Martin G. Le Blanc was born in the Canadian Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. The descendant of rugged sea captains, Le Blanc’s served as a Green Beret in United States Army Special Forces for 18 years, though not a US citizen at the time. Local FMB authors Martin G. Le Blanc and Janet Gottlieb Sailian’s historical account deploys you around the globe to missions that involve Israel, the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Grenada, Italy and Lebanon. Le Blanc served in or commanded numerous missions, survived near-fatal injuries three times, and was the lone survivor of two missions.


By Maria Elena van Boekel
Librarian, Fort Myers Beach Library