Excellent Service

Letters to the Editor


I think it is funny that as a 6 year resident of the Beach that I find myself writing to you for the first time 2 weeks in a row about a subject as you can tell is sensitive to me.

So last week I focused on the economic impact about outsourcing the Beach employees specifically the Ambassadors. I sit on the beach as often as I can and have witnessed the interaction between the Ambassadors and our guests and as I communicated, it brings a smile to my face when I see the expression of satisfaction of our guests.

The reason for this letter is to absolutely describe what I experienced this past Saturday. One of the Ambassadors (Nello) stopped as I flagged him down. I had a question about the quality of the water. Nello as always shared his thoughts about what I was asking. While he was talking with me two middle aged Asian gentlemen approached Nello. I could only hear in broken English that an older friend of theirs with Alzheimer’s had walked away from them and they could not find him.

Nello invited them to sit in his vehicle and they headed off. About 30 minutes later they drove past me with all friends in tow. They had smiles of relief on their faces. Now that is service…..

Joel Messinger
Fort Myers Beach