Estero Road Work


We have tried being patient during the last 2+ years. However, the road repairs have taken over our island. We can barely enter our own property without doing damage to our vehicles. Road workers sit and use our front yard for lunch breaks, parking areas and leave garbage and ruin what is left of our landscaping. Due to electrical damages, FPL trucks run outside our home until 2-3:00 in the AM. Beeping constantly. I have talked with many residents who express the same issues, some have sold their properties and actually moved. There has to be a better plan to complete these repairs. Is it possible to complete a section before destroying 2 more miles of residential and/or businesses. Who is actually in charge of this project and who has allowed it to continue in this fashion. Debris has been allowed to accumulate, trucks and workers park wherever they want to, they use homeowners property as if it theirs, making it a hazard to enter the roadway. I know we are not alone in bringing up these issues and we need answers immediately.


Judy & Donald Kotula|
Fort Myers Beach


Editor’s note: As these readers wanted immediate answers, we passed their concerns along to the reFRESH Waterlines Public Information Consultants Cella Molnar & Associates, who responded to them directly. Questions about the Estero Blvd or FMB Water Line projects can be directed to Cella Molnar & Associates at 239-337-1071.

reFRESH Estero Blvd.

We can appreciate the frustration of living amongst construction. Our firm, Cella Molnar & Associates, is the public information consultant for the Estero Boulevard and the Waterlines projects.  We are the liaison between the owners (Lee County DOT and the Town of FMB), the contractors and the public. We are here to help during construction, and can be reached at 239-337-1071. We also offer a weekly email update that can be requested on the “Contact Us” page at

The Estero Boulevard projects are complicated projects and each component must be completed before the next can begin in order to minimize one-lane traffic.

  • First, FPL, CenturyLink, and Comcast had to relocate their poles and services out of the right-of-way.
  • Secondly, Lee County crews clear the road right-of-way to install the sanitary sewer force main on the bay side of the road.
  • Then, the Town of Fort Myers Beach Waterlines crews install the water main on the beach side of Estero Boulevard and make the bayside, side street connections. At the same time, the Town crews are installing new water lines and storm water drainage on bayside, side outfall streets where stormwater from both Estero Blvd. and side streets is treated prior to being released in the bay.
  • Finally, Lee County crews install the Estero Blvd. storm drainage system and begin work on the road and right-of-way improvements.

Currently, Estero Boulevard crews are nearing completion of Segment 2 (Lovers Lane to Strandview Ave.) with asphalt paving. The rainy weather has made all construction activities challenging including paving. We expect to start laying the final lift of asphalt in Segment 2 soon, weather permitting. Estero Boulevard crews are also working from Strandview Ave to Lazy Way installing the storm drain system.

To stop work from December to April would only delay the work for many years. While we realize snowbirds and tourists visit during these peak-season months, the drier weather during these months is better for underground construction work.


Kaye Molnar
Cella Molnar & Associates