Estero Drainage & Pavers


Regarding (last week’s editorial, “The Road We Love To Hate” by Missy Layfield) on the ongoing road construction. She is asking us to be appreciative and thankful for dealing with this construction for “only six or seven years.”

Well, my take is this, why is the road pitched to the center and how will the water that is gathered underground be percolated into the soils? Why are the pavers in the center lane continuing to settle and repeatedly have to be patched with asphalt to accommodate the bump?

I have asked the county for the contract documents under the open public records act on this project since December 5th and have been told that they would get them to me. I have yet to receive them.

John Regina
Fort Myers Beach


EDITOR’S NOTE: Each time the roadwork moves into a new area, similar questions arise. We’ve been writing about the project for 4+ years, answering these questions. Visit and search for “center lane,” “pavers” or “Estero update.” For reFRESH project questions, contact Cella Molnar & Associates at 239-337-1071, toll-free 877-496-1076 or email Project information is also available at