Estero Boulevard Construction Update


Estero Boulevard reconstruction reached its first milestone with the basic completion of the initial segment from Crescent Street to Miramar Avenue, with everyone enjoying the new 9-foot, extra-wide sidewalks.

Almost all of Estero Boulevard from Times Square to Lovers Lane is complete. TECO Gas is done with gas main installations, as is the sanitary sewer force main work. Crews finished the roadway from the Lani Kai Island Resort to near Miramar Avenue, and curb and 9-foot wide sidewalks are complete on the bay side from Crescent to near Miramar Streets, and on the beach side from near Avenue C to near Miramar. Workers regraded, rebuilt, and paved the northbound and southbound travel lanes, and finished the center lane storm drain, pervious pavers and the final paving.

Active Work Zone

The active work zone now is from south of the Lani Kai and Avenue C to Strandview Avenue. Motorists should expect travel lanes to shift in this stretch, with two lanes open the majority of the time, though intermittent closures may be necessary. Crews are to work Mondays through Saturdays until the Holidays.

Workers are sweeping, restoring, and laying sod behind the sidewalks from Avenue C to Miramar Street. There are steel plates over the pervious pavers from Palm Avenue to Chapel Street, so motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are asked to use extreme caution when crossing the plates because they are slightly elevated above the roadway.

Northbound traffic from Palm Avenue to Chapel Street shifts to the center lane while crews rebuild, regrade, and pave the northbound lane and construct the bayside sidewalk. Barriers separate the northbound lane from the pedestrian way, but all side streets are open. From Chapel Street to Lovers Lane, the southbound lane is shifted, as Florida Power & Light and Comcast continue to transfer services and remove old power poles during both daytime and nighttime hours. Concrete walls will go up from Gulf Beach Road to Lovers Lane in preparation for the southbound lane demolition in this region.

Center Lane Pavers

Pervious paver installation from Palm Avenue to Chapel Street is underway. Pavers became an issue in Segment 1, with several areas requiring replacement due to sinking from unsteady soil and drainage. “Work crews are being meticulous about the pavers in this stretch, to make sure everything is awesome without any issues,” says Kaye Molnar of Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc., the spokesperson for the projects. “It may be taking a bit longer this time, but we want to make sure the work is just perfect.”

Crews from Voorhis Street to Connecticut Street will fill and temporarily pave the shoulder and sidewalk area behind the sanitary sewer installation, with northbound traffic shifting to the center lane. Sanitary sewer work on the bay side from Mid Island Drive to Hercules Drive will shift northbound traffic to the center lane, and workers will clear the bay side right-of-way from Hercules Drive to Strandview Avenue, with northbound traffic moving to the center lane.

Water main installation will occur on the beach side from Gulfview Avenue to Madera Road, with one-lane flagging when necessary. Flaggers will alternate the direction frequently, but motorists should expect delays through December.

County Approves Design Services

On November 15th, Lee County Commissioners approved the Accelerating Design Services for Estero Boulevard to pay for design services with David Douglas Associates for the remaining Segments 3 through 6 of the Corridor Improvement Project totaling $5,104,260. The total cost estimate for all work through completion is $81,420,141.

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Gary Mooney