Estero Blvd.


Delete the 4-8pm shift and morning traffic control shift at Time Square at $50/hour. They are not needed. Council, if you would like to donate taxpayer’s money, donate to the deputy’s families that were killed in action on duty.

Do not need any traffic light on Estero Blvd. There will be only two lanes on Estero for decades to come. To help eliminate the problem with traffic and pedestrians – from Time Square to Hooter’s area – have blinking crossover  for pedestrians with stop and go on time control like the cities around the country. This will give a better flow of traffic. People wait for the trolley and pedestrians can wait, walking across the Blvd with IPod cords stuck in their ears and looking at their phone with traffic moving, will eliminate this problem at backing up traffic. This is overlooked by the county and Town Council.


P. Winter
Fort Myers Beach