Estero Blvd. Project Continues


The reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project begins its next major phase in September, with work starting on the joint outfalls to clean and transport stormwater from the new road’s center drainage system to the back bay. Segment 2 is from Lovers Lane to Strandview Avenue, near Publix Supermarket, and work on this segment is expected to continue through the end of 2018. The Town of Fort Myers Beach and Lee County are copartnering to install new water main, sanitary sewer force main, stormwater drainage, sidewalks and the rebuilding of Estero Boulevard in a multi-million dollar, five-year plan.

Side Streets

Outfall construction on Eucalyptus Court begins shortly after Labor Day, with work on the one on Jefferson Street beginning by the end of the month, including new water main and storm drains. Once these are done with appropriate connections, crews will regrade and pave the roadway and restore the right-of-way. Construction will generally start on Estero Boulevard and move toward the bay, with the water main on the south side of the road and storm drains on the north. Once the water main is complete on Eucalyptus, crews will move to Jefferson, while they test and approve water for Eucalyptus, then will connect individual services. Storm drain installation is next, and may proceed in either direction, with work on each street to last approximately 4 months.

“There may be times when entering or leaving your property, you may endure a brief wait,” said Kaye Molnar of Cella Molnar & Associates, spokesperson for the projects. “You may occasionally need to park in an area other than your driveway during construction. We do, however, ensure the continuity of services such as mail delivery, garbage, recycling and lawn services. You may also want to keep bottled water on hand for planned and emergency shutoffs.”

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Sketch of Segment Two showing the center drainage system, bike lanes and sidewalks. Courtesy of

Estero Blvd.

Segment 2 Estero Blvd. preparation continues from Lovers Lane to Strandview, with crews clearing the right-of-way on the beach side of Estero Boulevard from the Red Coconut RV Park to Mandalay Road, while they work on the bay side from Gulfview Avenue to Strandview. Prep work for major construction from Lovers Lane to Voorhis Street continues, with the roadway project to start on the northbound lane on the bay side, move to the center, and then finish on the southbound lane. “Sadly,” said Kaye, “because of the significant drop in elevation between lanes, this means the return of the dreaded concrete wall from Lovers Lane to Voorhis!”

The Right of Way for Segment Two is wider than the first segment and the finished roadway will include bike lanes on each side of the road, plus sidewalks.

Further south in Segment 3, which runs from Strandview (near Publix) to Albatross (south of Beach Theater) there is already some primary preparation work underway, including installing sanitary sewers and clearing the right of way.

For more information, sketches of the planned segments or email updates, see or contact Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc., at 239-337-1071, 877-496-1076, or


Gary Mooney