Estero Blvd. Maintenance


Recently  Ms. Kay Molnar, Lee County’s PR agent for reFRESHFMBeach, presented the possibility that Lee County might ask Fort Myers Beach to act as a subcontractor to clean the storm drainage in the center portion of Estero Boulevard. Ms. Molnar’s insinuations are that Fort Myers Beach has the equipment, is capable and could use the money from the County for its general funds.

Anyone who has been in touch with the stormwater project from the beginning will say that this may not be the dumbest thing the Town would consider, but pretty close. Let’s establish the fact that the drainage system is at least unique and complicated. It may have been the only system that the County could put in place, but it is untested, unproven and without history in our area. At the outset the County stated that these “pavers” would require a “special” cleaning machine that the County was going to acquire.

Fort Myers Beach is not in the business of subcontracting work for its employees or equipment. Estero Boulevard is the County’s problem and responsibility. No matter how much political pressure the County may decide to put on Fort Myers Beach, the Town must completely decline this effort by Lee County. The Estero Boulevard project is the County’s design, development and responsibility. Every citizen of Fort Myers Beach should be up in arms for any suggestion that we get in the middle of the County’s liability.

Pete Yeatman
Fort Myers Beach