Estero Blvd Construction Update


    FPL to work overnight on Estero Boulevard

    Beginning Monday night, April 18th, Fort Myers Beach motorists should expect delays while traveling from Times Square south on Estero Boulevard as Florida Power and Light (FPL) begins replacing the power poles to strengthen its facilities on Fort Myers Beach. The work is anticipated to improve service reliability related to severe weather.

    This work will occur within a one-mile segment of Estero Boulevard between Crescent Street and Lovers Lane. The work entails replacing existing poles with stronger concrete poles and adding additional poles at select locations. Once the new poles are installed, crews will begin transferring the utility lines over to the new poles and removing old poles.

    FPL contractors will need to close the southbound lane and the center turn lane, as the equipment needed for the job must be staged on the roadway to lift and set the poles in their new locations.

    FPL contractors will close the lanes between 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weeknights. Lane closures will be limited to the areas the contractors will be actively working on that night. Flaggers will alternate traffic directions frequently, but motorists can expect delays. Work involving closure of both the southbound lane and center turn lane is expected to be completed by July; crews will be working in the area through September.

    The FPL power pole work is independent of the reFRESH Fort Myers Beach Estero Boulevard Improvement Project currently under construction from Crescent Street to near Lovers Lane. Contact FPL’s Scott Overbaugh at 941-637-5503 with FPL project-related questions.


    reFRESH Fort Myers Beach
    Estero Boulevard
    Inverted Crown Roadway Design


    Crews are now re-grading the southbound lane of Estero Blvd from Lani Kai to Miramar St. as the first step in building the new inverted crown roadway to accommodate the center lane drainage system. On an inverted crown roadway, the center of the street is the lowest part of the roadway and the outside lanes slope inward toward the center of the street. When rain falls on an inverted crown roadway, the stormwater drains to the center of the road into the drainage system. On Estero Blvd, the water will run to the center lane where it will filter through interlocking pervious pavers into a collection, storage and water treatment system and ultimately discharge to the bay.

    Had the road been designed with a conventional crown (with the peak in the center), sloped gutters and inlets with connecting pipes would have been required all along the outer edges of both travel lanes requiring more underground utility relocations. By utilizing the inverted crown, the design and construction team is able to expedite the project, minimize utility impacts and provide underground storage and water treatment.

    Estero Blvd Improvements

     During the week of April 18-22, the reFRESH Estero Blvd crews are scheduled to perform the following activities on Estero Blvd. The active work zone is from Lani Kai to near School St.

    Sanitary sewer installation – installed to Tropical Shores Way. Crews will pressure test pipes then continue installation to Gulf Beach Rd.

    Storm drainage installation

    Southbound lane – Demo existing storm drain from Alva Dr to Avenue C, then install new structure at Avenue E. Connect pipes at Miramar St.

    Northbound lane – Connect pipes at Tropical Shores Way

    Conduit installation

    Southbound lane – Alva Dr to Avenue C

    Northbound lane – Bay St. to Lovers Lane

    Underground utility location– School Street to Lovers Lane

    Work zone clean up and maintenance – Lani Kay to Lovers Lane


    Ongoing activities include:

    Pave sanitary sewer trench – Ohio St to Mango St. (northbound lane)
    Temporary asphalt sidewalk – Tropical Shores Way to School ST. (northbound lane and Avenue C to Miramar St. (southbound lane)


    Estero Blvd Waterline Construction

    reFRESH Waterlines crews installed water main on Estero Blvd from Times Square to Red Coconut RV Park and TECO gas crews installed a gas line.


    Crescent St. to Red Coconut RV Park:

    Waterline crews will abandon the old water main and patch and restore side streets near intersections in various locations from Crescent St. to Red Coconut RV Park.

    Two travel lanes will remain open the majority of the time, however, intermittent lane closures may be necessary. Motorists should use caution. Crews are expected to work Monday through Friday. Crews are not expected to work weekends. Construction will be year-round. This schedule may change doe to underground conditions and inclement weather.

    Details about the reFRESH Fort Myers Beach Waterline and Estero Boulevard Improvement projects are available online at or by calling (239) 337-1071.

    Information provided by Kaye Molnar, President CellaMolnar