Election Thanks


I wish to thank the citizens of Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District for your faith in me as evidenced by my Election Day victory. I anticipate positive discussion with my fellow fire commissioners as we strive together to guide our fire department to be the finest achievable.

Additionally, I thank the Sand Paper for their opportunity to have my platform known through their introduction of the candidate’s column plus their series of questions to which I was able to articulate my position on various public safety issues. I am also indebted for the numerous letters of support (and otherwise) that were printed.

I am appreciative of the assistance and energy devoted by my many supporters and for the positive, forward-looking attitude in which they championed my election campaign.

Finally, I am most grateful to my wife, Jan, for her tireless efforts, support, listening skills and counseling for me to remain focused on the issues to advance our fire department and the working conditions of the firefighters who serve us this indispensible life safety emergency service.

Ron Fleming
Fire Commissioner Elect Seat 2